This isn’t my story, but when I heard it the first time, I remembered it forever. Two lumberjacks were in a forest to chop down trees. Both were determined to outdo the other in terms of the number of trees they could fell. They both started at the same time, working tirelessly.

One of the lumberjacks worked continuously without taking any breaks. He thought that by working through without stopping, he would surely cut down more trees than his competitor. The other lumberjack, however, took regular breaks every hour. Despite these breaks, he seemed to be cutting down more trees.

Perplexed, the first lumberjack finally asked the second how he managed to cut down more trees despite taking breaks. The second lumberjack replied, “During those breaks, I took time to sharpen my axe. With a sharper axe, I could cut trees more efficiently than with a dull one.”

The moral of the story is that continuously working without taking breaks can lead to diminished efficiency and results. Taking breaks to “sharpen your axe” can mean anything from actually maintaining your tools to improving your skills, taking time for rest and recuperation, or even reflecting on your strategies to ensure you’re working as effectively as possible. This story emphasizes the importance of balance between hard work and taking the time to ensure your tools and methods are as effective as they can be.

By Tekno

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