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I was watching a YT video from an account called Zoe Bee and I find myself wrestling with the thought of whether I should use AI, or not to use AI in my writing. Is it even possible to unintentionally plagiarize with tools like ChatGPT. I’m openly pondering the consequences of disclosing my use of such technology. Will it tarnish my credibility? In case you didn’t know, i’m a strong believer in the thought the there is nothing new under the sun. Unless, your a R&D scientist, the rate at which you deal with new ideas and concepts will slowly begin to plateau and eventually, decline over time. I don’t really care for intellectual property unless its a show i really like, but i also don’t want to be the focus of anyone’s shit posting so i figured I’d post this here and let you all come to your own conclusions.

  1. Can you accidentally plagiarize with GPT? Yes, it is possible to accidentally plagiarize with GPT. While GPT generates responses based on patterns it has learned from a vast dataset of text, it doesn’t create citations or necessarily generate completely original content every time. It might produce text that closely resembles existing sources without intending to. Therefore, it’s essential to check the generated content for potential plagiarism, especially if it will be used in a context where originality is critical.
  2. Should you disclose using it to write? Transparency about the tools and methods you use in your writing, especially in academic or professional contexts, is generally considered best practice. Disclosing the use of AI like ChatGPT can help maintain integrity and trust with your audience. It’s important to make it clear what parts of the work the AI assisted with and to ensure that the core ideas and critical analysis come from you.
  3. Wouldn’t that automatically disqualify me from some academic circles if I disclose using GPT upfront? The acceptance of AI tools like ChatGPT in academic work varies widely across different fields and institutions. Some may view the use of such tools as a valuable aid in the research and drafting process, while others may see it as inappropriate or even a form of cheating, particularly if the AI’s role isn’t clearly defined or if it substitutes for the student’s own analysis and critical thinking. It’s essential to understand the guidelines and norms of your specific academic community.
  4. Do I just use it and not tell anyone and let the reader/viewer figure it out on their own? Choosing not to disclose the use of AI tools like ChatGPT in your work can be risky, especially if the content is meant for academic or professional purposes where originality and authorship are valued. If it’s discovered that AI significantly contributed to the work without acknowledgment, it could lead to questions of academic integrity and potentially more severe consequences.
  5. Is it cheating if I use ChatGPT? Whether using ChatGPT constitutes cheating depends on the context and purpose of your work. In educational settings, the key is whether using such a tool aligns with the guidelines provided by your institution or instructor. For personal projects, blogs, or other creative endeavors, it’s more about ethical considerations and transparency with your audience. In any case, it’s crucial that the significant contributions and critical insights are your own, with AI serving as a tool for assistance rather than replacement.

My sentence structure sucks enough for you to automatically pick up on which posts are hand written and which ones aren’t. This site is a passion project not an academic one, as such I will do what makes me feel good. If my whole paragraph sounds like a toddler on Adderall wrote it then i’ll probably plug it in to gpt and see what it do (or maybe that’s what happens when i do use it?) any way, Please click the affiliate links and buy stuff. If you have the cash you can just send me some bitcoin as a donation. Thanks again, Peace!

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